5 Ways To Communicate Better As An Introvert

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As an introvert, you most likely find yourself craving quiet time alone in order to recharge your batteries. The estimated one third to one half of the population classified as introverts often find too much socializing or networking to be draining, and also frequently prefer to work on tasks alone rather than in groups.  This doesn’t mean that introverts are bad communicators, however. It simply means they communicate in different ways than their more extroverted peers. Here are five ways to leverage your introverted personality in order to communicate better: Spend Time Alone First If you know you have a big presentation, speech, or networking opportunity coming up, schedule in some alone time beforehand. As an introvert, spending quiet time alone will help you to feel calm and reenergized, allowing your upcoming social time to feel more like an exciting opportunity and less like something stressful to dread and fear.   You may also want to schedule a bit of quiet decompression time for after the event. Knowing that you will soon be in a calm, quiet environment can make being around a lot of people feel less overwhelming since you’ll know it’s only temporary. Use Your Listening Skills Introverts tend to make better listeners, since they are comfortable quietly allowing someone else to talk and processing what they’ve said in a thoughtful way rather than talking over people or waiting for their chance to jump into the conversation. In fact, studies show that introverts often make better business leaders, largely because of their perception and strong listening skills. Use this strength to your advantage in social and business contexts, and you will soon find that colleagues and friends seek you out as a confidante, sounding board, and trusted advisor. To strengthen your listening skills even more, follow these active listening tips. Research Ahead of Time If you are dreading an upcoming social or public speaking event, you can regain a sense of calm control by preparing and researching as much as possible ahead of time. Simply knowing what you are walking into can help you feel much less overwhelmed. Look into how many people will be attending the event, what exactly your role at the event will be, how long it is expected to last, and what the physical environment will be like. By the time the event actually comes around, you will feel more calm and the situation will feel familiar and expected rather than overwhelming and scary. Communicate in Writing Many introverts excel at written communication, as it allows them to express their thoughts without the social pressure of oral communication. If you are more comfortable expressing yourself in writing, feel free to rely more on emails and memos to get complicated thoughts across. When faced with giving a speech or presentation, simply spending time writing it down ahead of time, editing it until you’re really happy with it, and then practicing will likely make you feel much more at ease. Just be careful not to rely too much on the written word, as sometimes a phone call or quick in-person chat can be more efficient and have a more personal touch. Forge One-on-One Connections While introverts can find crowds quite draining, they often do really well in one-on-one social situations. Forming meaningful connections with one...

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