What You Should Know As A Parent Of A Child With Autism


When you find out that your child is on the autism spectrum, you may feel overwhelmed with emotions and uncertainty. Many people have underlying assumptions about autism that are less than positive and it can be tough to overcome those as you learn that your child has this condition. There are many things you should know as the parent of a child with autism. Get to know some of these facts, and you can begin to move on from that emotional shock toward helping your child manage their autism and learn to thrive going forward.

3 October 2018

3 Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Work


Every employee of a company, whether he or she is someone just starting out or is an executive, should be looking for ways to get better. Even if you're pleased with the caliber of your work, there are likely some ways that you can improve it. If you have trouble identifying these solutions, it's advantageous to visit a career coach. This trained professional can talk to you about how you work at your job, and can likely work with you to identify some positive changes that you can make.

18 June 2018

Three Times To Have A Motivational Speaker Address Your High School Sports Team


When you coach a team of high school athletes, you want to have a presence that allows your message to get through. A team must respect and listen to its coach in order to excel, but there may come a time that you wish to have an outside voice helping the cause. Motivational speakers are often synonymous with addressing the business crowd, but they can be just as effective at working with sports teams, including those with young athletes.

23 January 2018

Considering A Motivational Speaker Or Comedian For Your Company Dinner? Ask These Questions


To make a yearly company dinner an exciting event for your employees and managers, you may be thinking over the idea of having a comedian or motivational speaker make an appearance. Asking these key questions will help you make a better choice about the performer you want to hire. Do You Have a Portfolio? It's important to note that even if they do have an online portfolio for you to look at, sometimes it's best to see them in person so you can get the full experience.

19 May 2017

3 Tips For Hiring A Public Speaker For Motivating Your School


If you have some school training coming up and are looking to do something a little different this time around, a great way to change up your normal employee training is by bringing in a public speaker. #1 Know What You Want Out Of The Speaker The first thing you need to do, before you call and hire a public speaker, is determine what you want out of the public speaker.

29 March 2017

5 Ways To Communicate Better As An Introvert


As an introvert, you most likely find yourself craving quiet time alone in order to recharge your batteries. The estimated one third to one half of the population classified as introverts often find too much socializing or networking to be draining, and also frequently prefer to work on tasks alone rather than in groups.  This doesn't mean that introverts are bad communicators, however. It simply means they communicate in different ways than their more extroverted peers.

8 July 2015