3 Tips For Hiring A Public Speaker For Motivating Your School


If you have some school training coming up and are looking to do something a little different this time around, a great way to change up your normal employee training is by bringing in a public speaker.

#1 Know What You Want Out Of The Speaker

The first thing you need to do, before you call and hire a public speaker, is determine what you want out of the public speaker. Do you want the public speaker to inspire your school employees to work harder? Do you want the public speaker to help your school employees feel a deeper connection to your school's mission? Do you want your employees to feel inspired to volunteer more?

Think carefully about what you want the public speaker to inspire your employees to do. You don't want to just hire anyone to speak; you want to hire someone who will inspire your employees in a way that aligns with your school's mission.

#2 Learn About The Speaker's Background

When you find a couple of speakers that you are interested in hiring for your event, research and learn about their backgrounds. Find out what inspires them in their life and what they tend to focus their public speaking on.

Next, make sure that you talk to the speaker about their background. See if you can view video clips of the speaker from past engagements. Let the speaker know what you are hoping your employees will get out of their talk and make sure that what the speaker envisions for the event and what you envision for the event line up together. Make sure that the content the speaker will be deliver is appropriate and fits your audience. Make sure that you and the speaker are on the same page before signing a contract with them.

#3 Make Sure The Entertainment Contract Covers All Details

Finally, you should make sure that the entertainment contract covers all relevant details. It should cover how the speaker will get to the event and any travel and lodging accommodations that your school will be providing. If equipment is required for the event, the contract should state who is providing the equipment, the speaker or your company. The details of the event, including where it takes place and the the hours of obligation from the speaker, should be laid out.  All payment details, including deposits and when the final payment should be made, should be included. The more detailed the contract, the better; that way, everyone is clear on what is expected from them. 

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29 March 2017

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