Considering A Motivational Speaker Or Comedian For Your Company Dinner? Ask These Questions


To make a yearly company dinner an exciting event for your employees and managers, you may be thinking over the idea of having a comedian or motivational speaker make an appearance. Asking these key questions will help you make a better choice about the performer you want to hire.

Do You Have a Portfolio?

It's important to note that even if they do have an online portfolio for you to look at, sometimes it's best to see them in person so you can get the full experience. Ask where they'll be appearing next so that you can possibly drop by.

What Do You Know About My Company or Industry?

To make the experience better for your attendees, you may want to ask what a performer knows about your specific company or industry. They may not recognize your particular business, but if you own a toy company and they've spoken to other toy companies in the past, they're likely to have stories or bits that can tailor their performance to your audience. You might want to give them some information about your particular company and industry to give them some information to work with.

What Happens If You're Sick?

It's vital to find out now what will happen if the comedian or speaker is unable to get to your event due to sickness or another emergency situation. You're still going to have to find some way to fill the time. So before the dinner, ask what the performer typically does when they can't make it. They may have friends or peers that they can recommend, so you can do some research and talk to them about a possible backup arrangement. You can also personally make some calls to find others who are free for the date and can pop in if needed. You may want to prepare some remarks yourself or ask a manager to come up with a few words in case something goes wrong.

You also need to handle the financial end of a cancellation or no-show. If you gave them a deposit will they return it to you? Investigating these issues now will help things to run smoothly even if they don't show up.

After asking yourself every question above, you should have a better idea of how to go about securing a comedian or motivational speaker for your company dinner. Ask co-workers for more suggestions so that you are better equipped to start interviewing performers in the area. Visit a site like for more information.


19 May 2017

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